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Want to get to grips with the basics of yoga or pilates before you join a weekly class? Or revisit the basics to get your confidence back? Committing to a course is the perfect way to jump start your journey, opening the door to better understanding and a great foundation to move forwards with...

Laughing Yoga

Yoga For

Beginners Course

Thursdays 9:30am starting 4th November

Sundays 11:15am tbc

Thursdays 7:30pm tbc

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Gain confidence on the mat on our beginners courses, perfect for people new or returning to yoga, or anyone wishing to improve their understanding and confidence with yoga asana (physical yoga postures), breathwork and relaxation, perhaps with the intention of joining a regular weekly class or developing a self-practice.

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Hatha - Easy Going Yoga For Beginners & Improvers

Thursdays 6:15pm

Starting 28th October


Wednesdays 11am

Starting 3rd November

Tuesdays 7:45pm

Starting 9th November

Classic yoga. A perfect for beginners and "improvers" or anyone wishing to move at a slower pace or improve their confidence with yoga postures, movement, breathwork & relaxation.

During these classes, you will be guided through an exploration of themes such as Hips and Shoulders, Breath & Bandhas, Heart & Hamstrings, Balance & Core, at a safe aand comfortable pace, opening up your understanding of your anatomny and pose alignment, and helping you gain mobility, stability strength and peace.

Fun at Yoga

Pilates Fundamentals

Wednesdays 9:30am

Saturdays 9am

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A four week series that engages both complete beginners and those in need to refreshing or refinement in the fundamental principles and techniques of Pilates.

Pilates is a low-impact, high reward full body practise, that centres around the mind-body connection, full body awareness and conscious breath. It aims to strengthen muscles while improving postural alignment, flexibility, mobility and balance, leaving you feeling calm and confident.


Enjoy this mindful series as a way to keep on top of your Pilates technique and form.

We recommend booking and attending the whole series to get you off to the best possible start. Run as short series taking you through the fundamentals, building your confidence and skill set, honing your strength and mobility, before refreshing you on the basics again to keep your technique perfected!


Pilates Stretch & Flow 45

Mondays 12:30pm

Join Any Time

An ongoing series of 45 minute Stretchy Pilates class welcoming both beginners and those with a little experience who are looking for engaging, low impact, full body movement to build core strength, improve posture and boost flexibility and balance.

Working with conscious breath, this flowing class will help you to unwind and relieve stress, yet leave you feel energised; your muscles feeling loose and long, your body feeling more open, and your mind feeling refreshed.


We recommend booking and attending the whole series to get you off to the best possible start but PAYG students are also welcome.