Yoga courses for people brand new or returning to yoga, or anyone wishing to improve their understanding and confidence with yoga asana (physical yoga postures), breathwork and relaxation, perhaps with the intention of joining a regular weekly class or developing a self-practice.

Across the sessions we will explore the essentials needed to start you on your way to enjoying a yoga practice. We will address:

  • An introduction to the history & philosphy of yoga

  • Simple movements & stretches

  • The basics of asana (postures) & adapting them for you

  • Healthy alignment & using props

  • Breath awareness & pranayama

  • Relaxation & meditation


We will take time to explore the foundations before enjoying relaxation at the end of each class.


  • Saturdays 10:45am   - 29th February

60 minute classes

Investment - £70 for 6 week course


Yogic Sleep Meditation For Total Relaxation

This is an invitation to rest. To lie down in a safe, held space and really rest. Listen to yourself and find connection to those quiet inner parts of you that are so often left forgotten.

Yoga Nidra is a state of concious resting awareness, reached though a profound verbally guideded meditation that speaks directly to the nervous system.   Lying comfortably in supported "savasana" you will be guided to observe and welcome your breath, body, mind and soul as you journey to this state of resting awareness.

Yoga Nidra can be used theraputically for healing, personal growth, stimulating creativity or simply for deep relaxation.

This class is suitable for everyone. You cannot do this incorrectly! Each experience is unique. We work with a particular yoga nidra for a few weeks, to allow you to deepen your connection and experience through subconcious familiarity.

(60 mins) with Rebecca

Mon    11:15am

Term time only

£30 for 3 weeks / £12 for single session / or use your class pass to book

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