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We are all One

Yoga means Unity
Saturday 2nd April

Sarvanga yoga studio are fundraising to support the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. We will be running a day of mini yoga masterclasses, workshops & meditations, with all proceeds going to DEC.


Each class will be 30 minutes long, and taught by a range of teachers from our wonderful studio!

Timetable for the day:

  1. 11:45 - 12:15 - Wendy ~ Mother nature's love - mamas & babes

  2. 12:30- 1pm - Wendy ~ Yoga for Peace - postures for stress & anxiety

  3. 1:15 - 1:45 - Abi ~ Sun salutation master class

  4. 2 - 2:30 - Kathryn ~ Warrior for Peace masterclass 

  5. 2:45 - 3:15 ~ Kathryn ~Find Balance master class

  6. 3:30 - 4 ~ Monika ~ Pilates for Pain 

  7. 4:15 - 4:45 ~ Hollyanna ~ Flexibility masterclass 

  8. 5 - 5:30 - Abi ~ Truthful Restore & breathwork 

  9. 5:45 - 6:15 - Hollyanna ~ Loving Awareness Meditation

  10. 6:30 - 7 - Bex ~ Heart Opening Yoga Nidra 

Each class is £10 (feel free to donate as much as you can!)
From 12:30pm the classes have been designed to flow beautifully and the more you sign up for, the more money we raise. We  challenge you to take as many classes as you can! 
More classes = more yoga happiness + 
more money made for Ukraine
It’s a win win!

100% of all the money made will be sent to the DEC to help people affected by the devastating & heart breaking situation currently happening  in Ukraine.

Can't come but want to donate anyway?


How can we help

Heavy fighting, shelling and air strikes across Ukraine have had disastrous consequences. Already, over half a million people have fled their homes to escape intense conflict in Ukraine. Leaving behind loved ones, livelihoods and almost everything they own, they need shelter, food, and water. People are losing their homes and lives, essential services like water and healthcare have been hit and temperatures have dropped below zero. Please support my fundraiser to help reach those in urgent need in Ukraine and neighbouring countries. With your help we can support ActionAid and the DEC in scaling up their response and help families to stay warm and protect women and girls. 

- £10 could provide essential hygiene supplies for 1person for one month
- £50 could provide blankets for 4 families to keep them warm
- £100 could provide emergency food for 2 families for one month

Donate what you can, tell your friends and family & join us for a day of loving movement

What you do matters

One person can't do everything but every person can do one thing.

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