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Mon, 29 Aug


Sarvanga Yoga

1:1 Kundalini Activation - Multiple Dates Available - Please Enquire

Book a personal Kundalini Activation with Rebecca “…a safe and natural process that is neither Kundalini Yoga nor Kundalini Breathwork…a gentle way to awaken the kundalini energy, also described as our ultimate life force, inner fire, and the source of creative power…”

1:1 Kundalini Activation  - Multiple Dates Available - Please Enquire
1:1 Kundalini Activation  - Multiple Dates Available - Please Enquire

Time & Location

29 Aug 2022, 19:00 – 30 Aug 2022, 19:00

Sarvanga Yoga, 20 Holme Grange Craft Village, Heathlands Rd, Wokingham RG40 3AW, UK

About the event

To make enquiries and request a booking please contact Rebecca directly:

Rebecca is visiting the UK for a limited time only during August & September.

Life-changing, soul shaking, transformational. IT IS BEAUTIFUL.


What is a Kundalini Activation? 


AKA stands for Aliveness Kundalini Activation process. It is a direct life force energy transmission that activates the Kundalini awakening process.   

This is a natural energy transmission, not a wilful or self-generating process. It is the path of surrender, remembrance and transformation. This pure life-force energy has incredible intelligence and will do exactly what your system needs at the moment. 

It is a safe and natural process that is neither Kundalini Yoga nor Kundalini Breathwork. 

It is a gentle way to awaken the kundalini energy, also described as our ultimate life force, inner fire, and the source of creative power, spiritual gifts, and divine feminine power. 

When the energy starts to move and the awakening is happening, sensations such as physical and emotional releases in the body often occur. 

Aliveness Kundalini Activation is a journey of going beyond all that you thought you knew - opening powerful portals of recreating yourself in alignment with your higher calling.This inner journey may be experienced on many levels simultaneously; it is a dance of energy within that can be manifested in many forms, from energetic sensations throughout, visions and spontaneous movements of the body. Somatic, emotional releases and the experience of pure bliss and liberation, a feeling of oneness from accessing higher stages of awareness and consciousness.This experience raises your vibration, purifies your system, helps you to release the stuck and stagnant energies, aligns your energy centres and clears your energy pathways. It can be a deep opener for new perceptions and a profound spiritual awakening. 

During A Transmission


During the unique AKA Kundalini Activation Process session, you may have different experiences like physical, emotional, visual or states of bliss that can arise. With continued exposure to this energy, we can experience a profound rewiring of the brain structure and central nervous system. 

You lie down with your eyes closed on a yoga mat; soul-evoking music is played. I will walk around and send touch to some of the chakra or meridian points on your body; sometimes, my hands will be above you with no touch. What is happening externally is unparalleled to what is being experienced internally. When this energy awakens within you, it will begin thawing the emotional and energetic toxicity within your being. It moves you into higher octaves of consciousness and transcendence; it’s the path of re-birth; you must surrender to this intelligence that knows how to heal you. 

Explore beyond the veil and experience a profound truth and authenticity. To merge into the infinite and unify with the divine source of energy that flows through all creation. 



Benefits of Kundalini Activation 

  1. Understanding and releasing limiting beliefs
  2. Emotional & mental breakthroughs
  3. Calming effects on your overall state of mind and body
  4. Awareness of the body, mind and energy
  5. Feeling energised with increased vitality
  6. Relief of stress and tension held in your body
  7. Awakened intuition & inspired insights into your personal growth & wellbeing
  8. Feeling deeply rejuvenated, renewed, lighter and connected to the Universal life force pulsating through you.
  9. Profound rewiring and heart-brain coherence, which allows you to be living your life more often from the state of Connectedness
  10. Connection to Oneness and tapping into the non-dual field, the quantum field of all possibilities
  11. Emotional release/catharsis and overcoming traumatic experiences
  12. Completion of trauma cycles
  13. Experiencing more peace and harmony within yourself
  14. Remembrance of your true self and purpose
  15. Peeling away the layers of conditioned mental, emotional, social and cultural limitations.
  16. Shifting into a more conscious living, higher self-awareness and self-realisation
  17. Spiritually awaken and the experience of complete oneness.

What you may expect after a Kundalini Activation Ceremony 


-Feeling Calm, connected, peaceful, liberated, alive and free. 

-Feelings of deep relaxation and healing throughout your mind and body. 

-Growing awareness, and sensitivity to the energy of others and your surroundings 

-A feeling of deep connectedness, oneness, mystery and awe. 

-Feeling fully trusting, guided and supported by a higher intelligence, the universe and spirit. 

-Seeing the bigger picture, clarity, focus and increased creativity 

-Greater connection and appreciation of life and all beings 

-Alignment of your heart and higher self, your path ahead will flow with ease and grace. 

-What happens in the session is not the only part of this healing; you will continue to operate at this frequency for the coming days, so be mindful of your nutrition and environment. 

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