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Music to Yoga to...

Music, sound, vibration, is such a huge part of our sensory and spiritual experience. The right piece of music can allow you to travel thousands of miles in an instant, can transport you back in time or change your mood completely. If, like me, music connects to every moment of your life, then it probably plays a part in your yoga practice too.

I am asked so often for recommendations for tracks to accompany personal practice, and being the scatty sort that I am, often say "Oh yes I'll send you some links" then promptly forget (If I've done this to you - sorry!). Because of that I've been meaning to create a few blog posts to help you all out. When I say meaning to, I mean, for about the last three years (it's the intention that counts, right?!).

Well, here we are, years in the making, I give you my first attempt!

These tracks are a random selection of my favorites. I have a very, very long list of favorites though, so this just a few, I'll post more soon, in another three years or so.

Of course, music, like yoga, is an intimately personal preference so you may or may not love these tracks. The music to best accompany your practice is whatever floats your boat! Any music that allows your mind to relax, to be transported to a safe place or stay rooted in the here and now, music that stirs your soul or sparks joy in your heart. Often we may think yoga music must be soft, unobtrusive, neutral, but when you are practicing alone the definition of great yoga music is completely up to you! I have been known to listen to hip-hop and thrash metal whilst practicing, but then, Metallica's "Black Album" was my cure to insomnia as a teenager, so there we go, each to their own! But I promise not to play that in class... unless you ask me to.

In no particular order...

Music to Yoga to!

TABLA BREATH - Benjy Wertheimer

LALITHA ASHTOTRAM - Craig Pruess & Ananda

IMAN - Niyaz


NATURAL CAUSE - Emancipator

WHITE TARA - Deva Premal & Miten

THE CURSE - Agnes Obel

DAKINI - Prem Joshua

THROUGH THE NEVER - Metallica ... ok just kidding. Sort of. The lyrics are surprisingly relevant!

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