The Sanskrit word Sarvanga is made up of two parts "Sarva" meaning all or whole and "Anga" meaning limbs or body. Altogether it can be taken to mean All Limbs or Whole Body and reflects the holistic nature of yoga and the ethos of the studio.

Yoga works in so many ways for so many people that we at Sarvanga feel it is a self-treatment that we should all have the chance to learn.  It is something we can grab with both hands and adapt throughout our lives.  Yoga changes with us and enables us to change for the better.  To know ourselves better enables us to take control, to improve, to treat ourselves well.  We do not need to master yoga to enjoy the rewards, we need only open ourselves to exploring it.

At Sarvanga Yoga we are always working to create and maintain a safe space which allows for the deeply personal journey of a yoga practice to be guided with care to the student, community and with respect to the ancient linage of that which is yoga.

This is a place for learning and for personal and spiritual development, and the teachers and practioners we ask to join us in working from this space are committed to maintaining this for you.





Studio Founder, Yoga & Meditation Teacher

As a teacher passionate about honouring yoga as a wider practice beyond asana (posture) Rebecca's focus is on helping people find peace and strength through movement, meditation, and yogic philosphy.

With a foundation in Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga and training in India and the UK including children's yoga, pre & postnatal yoga, Rebecca's passion is studying and leading yoga as a spiritual and philosophical path. Teaching a range of classes including vinyasa  flow and restorative yoga, Rebecca specialises in pranayama, meditation, yoga nidra and yoga-beyond-the-mat.


Currently on maternity leave, Rebecca loves studying Classical Yoga & Tantra, Sanskrit and the evolution of eastern and New Age spirituality.

Rebecca began teaching yoga in 2014, opened her first studio in 2017 and in 2019 expanded and invited other talented local teachers to join her in teaching at the studio. Meet the rest of the team ... 


Studio Manager, Yoga & Movement Teacher, Holistic Therapist

A former ice dancer on the British Squad, Holly runs a sports and wellness therapies clinic - Bee’s Journey Wellness - alongside managing and teaching at the studio.  

Extensively qualified and using therapies such as massage, reflexology and mindful movement, with the purpose of helping people with chronic illnesses, cancer and palliative care patients, Holly has a compassionate approach to body and movement, teaching protective, restorative techniques, specialising in the mind/body connection and engaging the nervous system.


The past few years she has developed a class based on research from brain injury, Parkinson’s & Stroke as well as trauma theories resulting in a program suitable for all levels, guarding against injury and supporting the body systems. Her signature class, fusion flow is uplifting and has the effect of a massage leaving you mobile, relaxed and present.


Abi Giles

Yoga Teacher

A former dancer, Abi puts her heart and soul into her fun, dynamic class sequencing.  Drawing on her own experiences with the power yoga, Abi strives to give students the knowledge to move with intention, focus on the breath and gt the most out of their practice.


Kathryn Buttle

Yoga Teacher & Personal Trainer

A firm believer that mental health & strength are just as important as the physical, Kathryn grew up as a dancer before finding yoga. She began teaching yoga to children, teens and families; before training to teach vinyasa yoga  with the intention of helping others reach their full mental & physical potential.


Monica Stockbridge

Tai Chi & PilatesTeacher

With over 30 years experience in multiple movement disciplines, Monika brings a wealth of highly skilled experience to her classes, offering inclusive sessions interlaced with a depth of knowledge around anatomy, rehabilitation, pre & postnatal movement, breath, meditation, Chinese medicine, tai chi, chi gong, Pilates and yoga.

Wendy McDonell

Yoga Teacher, Pre & Postnatal Teacher

With 20 years of practice and over 6 years teaching experience, Wendy is qualified in a range of yoga disciplines and specialises in pre and postnatal yoga, baby yoga and baby massage. Wendy's classes offer a warm, welcoming  and inclusive space for all, allowing her depth of knowledge and sincerity of practice to shine.


Francesca Melluzzi

Somatic Movement and Senior Yoga Teacher.

With 20 years experience as a yoga teacher and mind-body practitioner, Francesca frequently holds specialist workshops such as Kirtan (chanting), & Somatic Movement and offers therapeutic one-to-one appointments at the studio. Alongside this work Francesca specialises in teaching yoga and wellbeing to SEN children and teens.


"Good for the body is the work of the body,

good for the soul the work of the soul,

and good for either the work of the other."

Henry David Thoreau


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