With Jackie King

Friday 24th January 7-9pm


Strengthen your Water Element with An evening of Yin Yoga and Sound THE WATER ELEMENT, with Jackie King.

The water element corresponds to the Kidney and Urinary Bladder meridians and organs in Chinese tradition. Kidneys store our life essence, and together with urinary bladder balance yin and yang for all other organs. In Chinese tradition, Water is connected to the north, where days are shorter and nights longer. It’s darker and colder, everything is frozen and not that much food is available. You can imagine water as a winter lake, deep and cold, ice-covered, not moving. Water element and winter season brings us inward, force us to stay inside. We can also experience it spiritually and use the winter time to connect to the deeper layers of our intuition and to the wisdom of our soul.

The Water element corresponds to the feelings of FEAR and TRUST.

We can see it in our lives in form of stress, anxiety and overwork, or faith, calmness, courage and trust in life. In a healthy way, fear is an emotion that allows us to stay alert and response to the situation or possible danger. We can evaluate the surroundings and act according to the circumstances. We are like a water flowing over the stones, finding a smooth way to move forward. We trust, that we are safe and move easily in life.

Jackie will hold a sacred space for you at this special studio to support your body and the gongs to process whatever is needed.



Friday 7th February 7-9pm

Friday 6th March 7-9pm

A special series of evening yoga & meditation sessions with Rebecca, held over the darker, winter months.

I would love to welcome you to the studio for a gentle flowing yoga movement practice, sequenced to relax and soothe the body and nervous system before we settle in for guided relaxation, breathwork and guided, traditional "Trataka" candle gazing meditation.

The ancient practice is intended to purify and invigorating the mind, paving the way for a deeper meditation experience, releasing stress and tightly held emotions, so you come away feeling soothed and renewed.

Beginners and all levels are welcome.


Tibetan Bowl Meditation

With Kathryn Wakefield

Returning in 2020

🎶 What’s involved in a Singing Bowl Meditation? 🎶

Unlike conventional meditation, Tibetan Singing Bowl meditations are enjoyed laying down. You’re free to sleep, dream, move if needed and are encouraged to focus on your breath and the sounds of the bowls.

🎶 What actually happens during the session? 🎶

Kathryn will guide you through a 45 minute meditation to help you enjoy a deeply relaxed state. This will include a 5 minute guided meditation, a 40 minute immersive sound meditation and a 10 minute debrief where you can ask any questions.

These classes are for everyone, no matter your experience with meditation. For those who enjoy classes regularly the benefits of receiving Tibetan Singing Bowls include:

  • Deep relaxation

  • Peace and clarity of mind

  • Improved focus

  • Feeling of renewal for your whole well-being


For those who practice long-term, it encourages balance in your body, mind and soul, opens up your sensory experience to modalities that we don’t access or use very often, as well as supports personal and spiritual development.

I’d like you to be as comfortable as possible, so please wear clothing you’re happy lying down in and also please bring:

☝️Pillow for you to be comfortable


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