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New to yoga? Worried about what to expect?  Just breathe, relax and have a glance at this little guide...


•Try to arrive to class about 5-10 minutes early so you can relax and settle in.  If you are late by just a couple of minutes please be aware the class has started - feel free to sneak in very quietly so as not to disturb others. If you are more than a couple of minutes late then sorry, it might not be appropriate for you to join at that point.

•Take off your shoes and socks at the door and put your personal belongings out of the way, then get comfortable on your mat.

•Turn OFF your mobile phone! This is quiet time for you and others to switch off from the world.


•Avoid having anything to eat for a couple of hours before practice. If you are hungry, a small snack or a light meal is best.


•If this is your first class, or first with me, come and say hello, let me know if you have practiced yoga before and whether you have any injuries or limitations I should be aware of, so that I can modify postures for you if neccessary.


•Relax, breathe and go with the flow.  If there is anything you are having trouble with don’t be afraid to give me a wave or ask a question.


•Most classes have a range of abilities, try not to compare yourself to others and rest assured others are not watching what you are doing, they are busy focusing on their own practice. Don’t feel silly if you can’t do something, we all have limitations and we all begin somewhere. Go easy on yourself.


•Respect your limitations and listen to your body. You don’t HAVE to do anything if it doesn’t feel right or you are not able. Again, ask me if you have any concerns. I won’t mind, that's what I’m here for.


•If you need a break (and it's fine if you do) just drop down in to childs pose or find a comfortable position  to rest until you are ready to join in again.


•During the class I may come to adjust or realign you. This is normal in a yoga class and is to help you develop safer alignment or go deeper into a pose. If you would rather not be adjusted please just let me know, I won’t be offended.


•At the end of a class we finish with a final relaxation in Savasana. This is a time to close your eyes, relax, breath and enjoy some quiet time.  Sometimes Savasana may be silent, or it may include a simple guided meditation or relaxation.  Please do not pack up and leave during this time, or if you must leave early at any point in the class, please do so quietly so as not to disturb your fellow yogi’s.


•Yoga has its roots in Hinduism, however yoga is not a religion rather it is a philosphy and spiritual practice. Yoga has been adopted worldwide by people of many faiths and beliefs and my classes are open to everyone.  The sanskirt spoken in classes is simply the names of the yoga postures, and the word “Namaste” (“Nah-Mas-Tay”) which you will hear at the end of class simply means “I honour you” or "I bow to the light within you" and is traditionally spoken at the end of a yoga class.

•There are many styles of yoga asana class (physical yoga). Not sure which is for you? Feel welcome to ask me.

•Whilst yoga asana makes up the larger part of many of my classes, asana makes up only one of eight limbs of a full practice. In classes we also consider ther other seven aspects, such as breathwork, sense withdrawal, moral disciplines, positive duties, focused concentration and meditative absorbtion and finding our state of bliss. So remember, yoga is not just a physical exercise class.

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