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Obulis Game Free Download Full Version




You're the only one who has these spheres, and can only use them one at a time. In this game, you have to carefully plan out the exact order in which you will drop the balls, and get the pots to match the colors of the spheres. The game is easy to pick up, but has a lot of strategies to learn, which makes the game not a cakewalk for some people. Still, I found it to be an addictive game that I enjoyed. I've always been a fan of physics games, and Obulis is probably the easiest I've played so far. I will give this a 4 out of 5. If you like physics puzzle games, you may want to check out the following: * Elastic Game * Isometric (3D) * Quakeboids * Orange Ball * Ratoons * Sideways/Tactile Game * Space Rhymthym * Test Your Brain * TriangleMania This game was made by the Hypnospace Outlaw developers, and you can find it on the PC or Mac App Store. Also, they're on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. If you liked this game, you might also like these: * The 8-Ball * Escape From Pyramid * Helix * Orbital Decay * Orbital Colony * Pie Face * Puzzle DragonQ: Questions on Site Competition I've started looking at questions on and I have a few observations. There are definitely a lot of unanswered questions. I haven't found a good way to use/not use a highly voted post as a sign of whether it is a 'good' post. For example, I believe that there are many more 'good' questions on than 'bad' questions. To some degree, that's kind of the point of the site. As others have mentioned, the number of new questions has been increasing. I think the number of questions answered is almost even, but I wouldn't know how to calculate that. For new questions, the rate of upvotes is much lower than the number of votes cast on answers. I'm not sure whether that is because of new users, but I believe it is something to keep in mind as we continue to develop the site. A: I can't be a hundred percent sure



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Obulis Game Free Download Full Version

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